Book Review – A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley

This is not the book I started with, but I decided to read multiple books from the recommended reading list at a time, just so I would have choices.  I am not writing this book report first because it was fantastic and I couldn’t help but whiz through it, gleaning all sorts of agricultural nuggets.  On the contrary, this book was terrible and I wasn’t even able to make it half way through.

I could see why this was put on the recommended reading list as there is certainly a background of traditional farming being challenged by Jess, one of the farmer’s sons.  He is very eager to introduce organic farming to this traditional farming area.  However, I never got to see how his suggestions panned out, or even if he was truly able to try his hand in sustainability in this largely populated area of doing-what-works-to-get-the-most-money-now community.

Why didn’t I finish?  Quite frankly – the content of this book is rated R (in my opinion) and I cannot handle the lack of morality and pure filth of it.  That may seem strong, but the chapter I didn’t finish, the one that made me put the book down and actually delete it from my Kindle library, bothered me so deeply that days later I am still traumatized.  I was hoping the author would make things better, but they continued to degrade, and I don’t even want to think about where they led in the book.  There really was no need for any of it either.

Yes, I am SUPER eager to read about sustainable agriculture, and to learn more about the lifestyle and trials that such a lifestyle brings, but, it is not worth filling my mind with things that are totally contrary to God’s Word.  It is not worth reading things that truly upset me.  It does make me very sad to know that this book won a Pulitzer Prize and that it is as popular as it is.  That our culture finds this kind of immorality entertaining truly breaks my heart.


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