Simplicity of Life

I have to admit – I am SUPER drawn to living a much simpler life. Not necessarily simpler in the terms of less things to do, although that is certainly part of it. I want to live a life with less stuff, less entertainment, less in-the-moment happiness and more true contentment. A life where hard work – often physical labor, is a source of pride – satisfaction in a job well done.

While all of these things are important, there are three hubs to a simpler life that I truly long for. These hubs are what should truly be the central workings of life. The first and most important is a life that is centered around honoring God and drawing closer to Him each day. This aspect often gets trampled in the hub bib of every day life, yet it should be THE determining factor for all of life.

The second hub is family/home. To many these words are separate, but to me they are synonymous. We live in a world where our homes and our family lives are more like a garage – a place to park when we are taking a break from real life. Yet, our families, our home should be the “real life”, central to driving our choices and decisions with such strength that it is second only to our desire to serve God.

The third hub is one that we often feel we have in our uber connected society, but lack more than we have at any point in Earth’s history. That is community. Relationships are so far-reaching and packed into such small time slots that most are superficial. Our sense of independence is so strong that we have lost the vital interdependence that makes us strong as a people and challenges us to grow as individuals.

These things being said, I am striving to move towards a simpler life, a life that brings me closer to God, family and community. Each week I will have one small goal. The aggregate of these goals will lead to a life that is progressively simpler.

This week I am starting on a Wednesday, so I will choose a simple goal as I only have a few days to complete it. My goal for thus week is to spend time each day in God’s word. This is foundationally important! Withot God’s guidance and calling, the rest means nothing. This week I will spend time reading, meditating on and/or memorizing scripture before I check Facebook, YouTube, my e-mail; before I read blogs or books or anything else, I will spend time with God.

1) Daily time in Scriptures – 7/20/11


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