Agricultural Endevours

I am super excited about all of the things I am learning as I do my studies in agriculture.  I feel like I can relate to Samuel in so many ways.  I watch him as he explores the world – discovering everything for the first time. He gets so excited!  Yet I know he has SO much to learn still.  I am eager to put the things that I am learning to use in our own garden.

I am getting a late start this year due to the medical issues Samuel and I had to battle through, but I’m not too late for a fall garden.  The long term goal is to have a nice, bit herb garden in the front yard, some fruit trees, berry bushes and maybe some dwarf trees in pots (like lemon) as well as seven raised beds. One will be a 2×10 ft. strawberry patch, there will be 3 4×8 beds and 3 3×8 beds.  Like I said, this is a long term goal and we will have to take things one step at a time.

I am eager to keep a record of how things are going and all of the things I am learning.  Even more, I know there are so many spiritual lessons that can be learned from the garden.  I know God will use this experience to teach me many things! 🙂


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