Growing Together

It has been so long since I’ve posted, but it’s about time I start writing some blogs again.

It’s hard to believe that my son is already four months old! It has been fun to watch him grow. He is a tall, skinny little boy, and such a cutie. He is discovering more about himself and the world all around him. I love watching as he tries to figure out the simplest things like crinkly wrappers and bright red Silk cartons. I think it’s super cute when he tries extra hard to grab the things in the mirror. Having a baby is so much fun.

I have to tell you though, Samuel is not the only one who is growing around here. Having a baby has made me more aware of my own weaknesses than ever before. My biggest battle has to do with a lack of self confidence and my deep desire to please others. I have struggled with these things for a long time, but had no idea how big of an impact they would have on my parenting. So now, I am working harder than ever to grow – to discover my world anew, to become strong as the woman, mother and wife God has made me to be, to seek him first when I am not sure and to live to please Him alone. Sometimes it’s hard, and I feel like I’m grabbing at things in the mirror, but one look into those adorable baby eyes cheers me on as if Samuel is saying “Mommy you can do it. We can grow together.”


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