The First of Oodles

Written on January 30, 2010

Okay, so I’m so excited that I can’t help blogging.  But . . . here’s the problem – I can’t tell anyone yet.  “Tell anyone what?” you may ask.  Well, it’s just that . . . . . . . . I’M PREGNANT!!  HOOOooooRRRRRaaaaYYY!  It seems like there is so much to blog about during pregnancy, and I would hate to miss the first trimester entirely so I have concocted a plan.   I will start my wonderful pregnancy blogs now, and will simply wait to post them until we are ready to shout the news to the world.

So, here’s the scoop so far.  After years of praying and trying we finally found out on Friday, January 16, 2010 that Arlen and I are going to be parents!  We were so excited when we found out.  We called our doctor to have all of the appropriate blood work done and all of the test results came back GREAT! As best as I can tell I am about 6 weeks and 1 day along.  This will be confirmed (or proven wrong) on Tuesday when I go in for the first ultrasound.  So far we have told my parents, Arlen’s parents and a few other key people.  We haven’t told Arlen’s siblings yet, but plan to after the ultrasound.  There have also been a few people who have caught on to the fact that I’m pregnant.  (It’s hard to hide some of the symptoms when you teach and need someone to cover for you while you run to the bathroom multiple times a day for various reasons.)

As far as the pregnancy goes, my symptoms haven’t been that bad. The biggest one has been my exhaustion.  I feel like all I can do is get through the work day and then come straight home and sleep.  I’ve had some nausea throughout, but it hasn’t been bad, and I’ve only thrown up once.  I have had to go potty a LOT.  Those have been most of the symptoms, but not too bad, and most certainly worth it!

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll try to keep things updated.


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