My Quest for Health

Okay, so here is the deal. A while back my doctor told me I have to lose weight (for those of you wondering, I’m not overweight). The reasons are long, boaring and complicated, and I won’t get into them now. Anyway, I don’t just want to loose weight, I want to be healthy – really healthy. I want to learn how to take care of my body, and how to teach people to take care of theirs. Here are some problems I’ve been running in to:

1) Most diet programs focus on just weight loss and tend to leave out the total health issue.

2) It’s almost impossible to find a diet program for a vegan who does not buy pre-packaged foods.

3) Contradictions. It seems that for everything that’s said there are 10 completely different things stated on the same topic. (ex. Carbs are bad, Carbs are good)

4) There is no simple way to understand proper nutrition. How much is a serving? What does 1200 calories look like? And what in the world do you categorize foods as? Some places say beans are carbs, other say they are protein!!

5) What constitutes a good exercise program? How must strength training, cardo? When I’m on cardion workouts does my goal need to be to keep my heart rate up, or to push myself as hard as I can? What exercise routine is really healthy?

6) What are exercising options? People say it needs to be fun, but I just haven’t hit on that yet.

7) What is a balanced diet? I mean what vitamins and minerals need to be included, how many of them, where can I get them?

8) What constitutes a good multivitamin? What supplements should I be taking?

Okay, I could go on, but I think You get my point. I’ve looked in books and books, and it seems that there are so many contradictions, and people make such broad generalizations that I can’t seem to find anything that’s actually helpful! RAHH! Oh, and all these things are so expensive! I do not have a lot of money to spend on memberships or special foods. I just want to have a natural healthy lifestyle. I know that one of the things that most books talk about is having a low level of stress. Does this industry realize the stress that all of their incongruences and overabundance of only partially useful information causes?

So, this is my current struggle. I don’t really know what to do, or where to go, or how to begin this health journey. I do know one thing. I don’t drink near enough water. I know that water effects our skin, our appetite, and our overall health in so many ways. For that reason, my first step on this quest for health is going to be to drink 80 ounces of water a day (that’s four times of filling up my water bottle). But I can’t go from drinking hardly any water to drinking 80 oz just like that, so my beginning goal: Drink at least 40oz of water a day. If I can keep that going, next week I’ll increase it to the full 80 oz.

Let’s see how all this goes!


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